Philips Arena Staff Directory


Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena

Steve Koonin

President, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena

Bob Williams

President of Basketball Operations and General Manager, Atlanta Hawks

Danny Ferry

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Phil Ebinger

Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Assistant General Manager

Scott Wilkinson

Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew Steinberg

Executive Vice President and General Manager

Trey Feazell

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Chief Creative Officer

Peter Sorckoff

Senior Vice President, External Affairs & Executive Director, Atlanta Hawks Foundation

David Lee

Vice President, Public Relations

Garin Narain

Vice President, Brand Strategy

Melissa Proctor



Philips Arena Executive Management

Vice President, Operations

Barry Henson

Vice President, Guest Services

Jason Parker

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Kevin Preast


Philips Arena Administration

Executive Assistant to President & Manager of Parking Operations

Janice Koon

Executive Assistant to CEO

Anne Smith

Executive Assistant & Booking Manager

Rita Cobb

Administrative Assistant

Brook West


Bookings, Box Office & Marketing

Senior Director, Box Office

Sam Williams

Senior Manager, Box Office

Rick Scholla

Manager, Event Marketing & Promotions

Katie Root

Senior Coordinator, Box Office

Joan Hicks

Coordinator, Arena Marketing & PR

Lacy Bedol

Coordinator, Ticket Operations

Jennifer Hall
Paul Kvidt

Ticket Seller

Charlotte Cowings


Building & Event Operations

Director, Building & Event Operations

Chuck Robinson

Assistant Director, Building & Event Operations

Stephen Willmann

Manager, Maintenance

Javits Britt

Senior Manager, Event Operations

Paul Krajewski

Manager, Events

Catie Scott

Manager, Conversion Operations

Rodney Richardson

Assistant, Building & Event Operations

Eric Morgan

Assistant, Conversion Operations

Jeff Giannasi

Conversion Lead

Willie Ficklin

Electrician Lead

John Garrett


William Utley

General Maintenance Lead

Sam Dunn


Robert Boleman
Mike Harris
Henry Watson
Matthew Wilkes


Seneca Mallory

Electrician II

Bud Bradford
Jeffrey Goddard
Kelly Hall
Kurt Deaton
Mike Harney


Dadrick Grundy


Levern Taylor
Doug Stewart
William Mitchell

Locksmith / BMT

Timothy Overton

Painter II

Jeremiah Eberhart


Henry Watson


Larry Royals


Robert Vine


Customer Service & Security Operations

Director, Customer Service & Security Operations

Keith Wente

Senior Manager, Premium Services

Larry Taylor

Senior Manager, Customer Service & Security Operations

Sharonda O'Rear

Manager, Customer Service

Chanda Dabney

Coordinator, Security

Megan Lodestro

Supervisors, Security

Darriel Bailey
Luther Hitchcock
Maranda Knox

Security Officers

Fred Bass
Latasia Crawford
Lovett Dent
Fedra Grogan
Bennie Jenkins
Betty Lesaine
Courtney Lupoe
Lateisha Marcus
Rowen Phillips
Portia Thompson
Levertis Truitt
William Brown
Bradley Neal
Terry Taylor
Stephen Williams
Angela Miller


Ticket Sales & Service

Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service

Kyle Brunson

Senior Director, Ticket Service

Wendell Byrne

Senior Manager, Suite Services

William Stephens

Senior Manager, Suite Sales & Service

Ryan Sember

Manager, Membership Service

Brian Graham

Executives, Suite Sales

Michael Reynolds
Ruje Seaman
Keith Brennan
Clarence Hoover
Michele King
Trey Bennett

Executive, Suite Services

April Williams

Senior Consultant, Premium Membership Service

Stacy Belding

Senior Consultant, Premium Membership

Dustin McCorkle
Borge Etienne

Coordinator, Suite Services

Claudia Scheikl


Corporate Communications & Community Development

Director, Community Development

Andrea Carter

Coordinator, Community Development

Margo Kline

Assistant, Corporate Communications & Community Developement

Marissa Ahrens


Human Resources & Administration

Senior Director, Human Resources

Tony Donato

Senior Manager, Payroll & Benefits

Julia Wu

Manager, Human Resources

Brittany Symons

Specialist, Benefits

Chelsey Ingle

Specialist, Payroll

Deirdre Ray


Indria Britt
Erika Slaton


Analytics & CRM

Director, Analytics & CRM

David Elgin

Analyst, Sales & Marketing

JT Louviere

Analyst, Business

Sampson Yimer

Analyst, Database

Beck Hartmann


Interactive & Direct Marketing

Director, Interactive Marketing

Micah Hart

Director, Direct Marketing

Timothy Chappell

Interactive Video Content Producer

Marcus Kluttz

Interactive Content Producer

Jessica Taylor

Coordinator, E-Marketing

Noele Crooks

Coordinator, Social Media

Jaryd Wilson



Senior Director, Corporate Controller

Michelle Pratt

Assistant Controller

Darius Nixon

Supervisor, Accounting & Financial Systems

Jay Dancy

Senior Manager, Accounting

Brandolyn McMullen

Senior Staff Accountant

Nikia Clark

Staff Accountants

Raiford Hodges
Loree Dawson
Yonicka James
Chris Beck

Senior Financial Analyst

Krista Halford


Information Technology

Senior Director, Information Technology

Charles Gore

Manager, Information Technology

Jon Halseth

Administrator, Senior Systems

Marc Baron


Creative Services

Senior Graphic Designer

Luke Armstrong

Graphic Designer

Cliff Lummus
Sharon Robinson

Game Operations Assistant

Lauren Arum


Retail Operations

Director, Retail Merchandising

Kathy Hakiki

Manager, Arena Store

Scott Dumais

Manager, Retail Inventory & Operations

Tony Nichols

Coordinator, Retail

Shelly Briars


Video Production

Vice President, Video Production & Creative

David Schindler

Manager, Video Production

Rob Calia

Chief Engineer, Video Production

Vince Laster

Audio Engineer

Mike Knowles

Digital Signage Producer

Andre Hickman

Producer, Video/Graphics

Dan Bartlett
Mike Deuel



Senior Legal Council

Caren Cook