Philips Experience

Located at the top of the stairs across from the Team Gear store, the Philips Experience is a new 10,000-square-foot showcase encompassing five different hands-on activities for Philips Arena visitors. 

Visitors can choose from the following activities at the Philips Experience:

Interactive Alley

This group of six informative stations allows access to eight different websites and television channels at each station. Each selection is projected onto a large screen overhead for easy viewing. By standing at the station, participants can manipulate their selection through a mouse-like control button. Adults may choose to check out breaking news on CNN or while children may opt for what’s showing on the Cartoon Network. Each station’s sound is delivered through a speaker positioned directly overhead to avoid conflicting noise from adjoining stations.

Ready. Set. Shoot.

Wonder what you’d look like if you could be a professional basketball player? Well, here’s your chance. This station gives visitors the opportunity to practice their best dunk shots on a miniature basketball goal. While visitors dribble and shoot, specially placed cameras capture their moves from 360 degrees and project it onto screens surrounding the exhibit. This station lets the athlete in everyone shine through for all to see.